The Death Of America

America died today.

The U.S. Senate voted to acquit 45 (I can’t bear to call him by name) of the two criminal charges pending against him. Of course, this was a no-brainer. We all knew it was going to happen.

Even so, I’d hoped against hope that the greed and corruption that has sunk this country into the depths of a bottomless cesspool would be overcome by enough Senators with integrity to allow America to begin a slow rise back into the light.

Not happening.

Don’t get me wrong–I’ve never been a flag-waver. For me, America was never the shining city on the hill. I’ve lived long enough to see Columbia butt-naked, showing her ass covered with putrid running sores. The ugliness of the people who live here, and the ugliness they show to each other. America has always been divided. The spin that America is a melting pot of peoples of all colors and creeds, pulling together, lifting this country into greatness is nothing but sheer propaganda. A lie, a cover-up of the truth that “Americans” are not united and never have been, even before this country was founded. The Statue of Liberty notwithstanding, America has never welcomed immigrants. The first immigrants were criminals and other outcasts, and adventurers looking to make big bucks. They killed the Native people already here and took their lands. When more immigrants arrived, they were pushed west. They too, trampled the Native peoples. The adventurers among them searched for riches, and found “gold in them thar hills!” More and more immigrants came, and pushed further and further west. The killing was not confined to the Native peoples. We had a war with Mexico (actually, more than one). Mexico lost and we took their land and called it Texas. Immigrants reached the California coast, and still more immigrants came. They were discriminated against by the immigrants who came before them. A common sight among New York City businesses looking to employ help were signs that read “No Italians or Irish need apply.” Jews were confined to ghettos, not much different than what happened in Poland in the years before WW II. And how black people got to America is a WHOLE ‘nother story.

America wasn’t even united over breaking away from England. Those who backed the British moved to Canada. The British encouraged slaves to desert their masters to find freedom in Canada. A lot of them did, too.

But what happened today was something else entirely. Today was the death of all the ideals and principles that defined this country, even if America didn’t always live up to them. Today was the death of the Republic, which the founders of this country, flawed as they were, fought so hard to bring to fruition.

The Senate trial was a farce. How can you have a fair trial when no documentary evidence is allowed to be presented, when no witnesses are allowed to testify? When it is KNOWN that documentary evidence to prove the truth of the charges exists, but is not permitted to be introduced? This, my friends, is the very definition of a “kangaroo court.”

This is not the America I know. This is not the America where I was born and raised. Yes, there has always been corruption in our government, but there were always people who stood up to it, brought it to light, and destroyed it. Richard Nixon. The man was as corrupt as they come–well, present company excepted. He sicced the IRS on his political enemies. He ordered his men to break into the offices of the Democratic National Committee and steal important documents. (He did other things too, like declare the “War on Drugs” that was specifically intended to incarcerate black people. But that isn’t part of the story). Democrats and Republicans were united in their determination to expose him, to expose the damage he’d done to the democratic process. Actually, they were kind to Nixon. The President was given a choice: resign or be convicted. Nixon chose to resign.

But now? The Republicans have torn up the Constitution and wiped their asses with it. America has gone to hell and has left the basket far behind.

God help us all.


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