The Final Victim

So I’m writing my novelette, The Final Victim. Feels good to be creating again.

After the nightmare that was 2018, late last spring I decided I was well enough to tackle author stuff. I knew I wasn’t at the point where I could write, so I thought I’d edit my previous works. Start slow. The updated versions of The Underground and Invasion are on the market, and The Moreva of Astoreth is getting there. Damn, did that one need a LOT of work! I cut myself slack because it was my second novel, but there’s no excuse for my arrogance in thinking it didn’t need editing. Won’t make that mistake again. After going through it, I’m really surprised it got as many good ratings as it did. Right now I’m letting it rest, and will pick it back up next week. I was going to say at the beginning of the year, but that’s next week. I’ll do a final round of edits, then send it out to betas. I’d thought to have it out by mid-January, but the beta reads is going to delay that. If I give the betas three weeks, it should be ready by the end of February, if not before. While TMOA is out, I’ll take up The Final Victim again.

Writing it is going better than I’d hoped. Of course, it helps that I already had the basic story, three chapters that I’d pulled from The Underground. I guess you could say I’m just fluffing it out. The important thing is that the words and ideas are flowing like they used to, before my mental car wreck. I’ll tell you, for a while I wasn’t sure if I could write again. Everything was so fuzzed. Couldn’t think straight. It amazes me that I was able to hold on to my job. Then again, to my mind, it’s not really creative writing. I pick a topic, look up stuff on the internet about it, and then shape my research into an article. I’m not trying to come up with new ideas, like I would with a novel. Nothing I write is really original. I might put a spin or two on it, but that’s all.

I can’t express how relieved I am that I can still write. Writing my stories isn’t saving my life, but it sure makes my life more bearable.


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