The Show Is Over. Loser!!

The Loser.

You know your shit was bad when people around the world are dancing in the streets because you lost the election. The entire world–glad to see his ass gone.

This has been the craziest post-election bullshit I’ve ever seen. Then again, until now, there’s never been this kind of post-election bullshit. Par for the course for an overgrown toddler who’s got delusions of grandeur. Gonna run in 2024. Uh-huh. He’ll be as old as Biden is now. And Biden’s in much better shape. At least we’ll have a real government again. Speaking of government, my bet is that Harris is going to be the driving force, and Biden will do the politics. He’s very good at that–he knows how to play the game. He didn’t spend what, 35 years or whatever in the Senate for nothing. And don’t forget–he’s has the Obama aura. Biden might not be the smartest guy in the room, but he’s smart enough to surround himself with very smart people. He won’t be led by the nose, but he’ll listen. And that’s what we need.

So now the “healing” begins, Biden says. We must forgive and move on. Ha! In a pig’s eye. Fuck that noise. Why the hell would I even THINK about forgiving these fools when they’re still spitting in my face and slinging death threats? Extend the olive branch. Riiight. These motherfuckers will just snatch it and rip it to shreds. They’re not interested in peace. They’re interested in remaking America into their image–white, Nazi, and stupid as fuck. Talk about being led by the nose. This is one of my favorites: A crowd of Trumpets surrounding a Native American legislator, wanting to know if he was “illegal.” Can you believe this shit? Or the Klan dude holding up a sign that he has “superior jeans.” Hey, man–where can I get me some of those jeans? Think they got ’em at The Gap? Maybe Old Navy? In my last post, I wrote how they think the liberal elites look down on them. Maybe now you see why. They’re ignorant, and their ignorance is willful. This pandemic. I saw the results of a survey that revealed even after all the sickness and death, 38% of people who responded said they’re going to have big Thanksgiving celebrations. Make of it what you will.

So I posted last time what I’m doing for The Moreva of Astoreth’s launch. In between all that, I remembered something from my marketing class–podcasts. I’ve done one so far, and have another coming up in December. Working to get more, either before or after release. In other news, I weaseled my way into participating in Philcon–3 panels and a 25-minute reading. Philcon is a sci-fi/fantasy/horror convention put on the the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society. I think it might be the oldest in the country. The panels I’m on are fiction and social change, diversity, and worldbuilding. 3 topics I actually know something about. I signed up for a maritime law in space panel, but it didn’t make the cut. I reeally wanted to do that one. I started my legal career as a maritime lawyer. Dammit, I was ready to pontificate! Of course, it’s virtual. Zoom and Discord. They all are, and will be into 2021. Hoping cons will go physical again when the vaccine comes out, and enough people have been vaccinated. TBH, I’m a bit leery about the vaccine. Not that I’m some anti-vaxxer, but American Black history is rife with us being used as guinea pigs–given medicines that were unproven, deliberately infected with disease, experimented on. Can’t remember his name, but the “father of gynecology” conducted his research on slave women, with no anesthesia. So yeah. Anyway, if you want to check out Philcon, go to Oh, I should mention–it’s free, although they ask for a donation, if you can.


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