The Two Chapter Sixes

First it was Chapter 5. Then it was Chapter 6.

Now it’s Chapter Whatever. Seriously…in my JC folder it just says Chapter.

My editor will not be happy with me.

So there’s a new Chapter 6 that I just finished tonight. It’s Garrett’s POV. She’s working with her mage mentor to figure out how (and if) the tryst spell’s aftereffects can be reversed. Right now things are pretty bad for our three zot heroes, especially Kurt.

Tomorrow (or sometime this weekend) I’ll start Chapter 7. Melera’s POV, you know. She’s finished the code, about to leave, and then decides she needs to go to Seattle and apologize to Parker for her behavior when she left Earth for the second time (after the revolution). I know, you wouldn’t think kick-ass Melera would care about stuff like being polite, and normally she wouldn’t. But on Xia’saan, such things are just not done. Yes indeedy. Xia’saan has very strict rules of social conduct, very formal. And breaking those rules have severe consequences.

Think of it this way. We have a planet full of warriors, right? If somebody gets dissed, somebody’s gonna die. So we have to have these rules so we don’t start killing each other again. As for the punishments (whippings, etc.–very BDSM), the reason for those is because like little boys, the only thing warriors understand is pain.

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