Tornado A’Comin!

Okay! The marketing folks called me today, and said they’re about to launch me to the world at large. I have a feeling that between my job and this venture, I’m not going to get much sleep. Ah, well. It’s for a good cause–developing a market for my novels.

Speaking of novels, The Moreva of Astoreth is getting a new look. Why? The current cover, though I like it, is earning me demerits in the marketplace. One reviewer actually took a star off her review because of the cover. So instead of a five-star review, I got a four. Another reviewer said to please look beyond the cover, because there’s a really good book inside. We’re not talking Amazon reviewers, either. These are pros. So it behooves me to take notice, and do something about it.

The Underground: Invasion is at the editing stage. I may change the name to just Invasion, because in working will my illustrator, I can see how it could be confusing. It certainly confused him, until I started referring to it as Second Edition and Invasion. But I rather fancy U:I. Still, Underground doesn’t figure in this book, so it may be inappropriate to have it. We’ll see.

So here’s the new cover for The Moreva of Astoreth.

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