Twiddling My Thumbs

While I’m sitting here without access to my MSO 2003 docs, the only thing I can really do is think up more stories. So I’ve thought up a romance based on Zechariah Sitchin’s controversial theories about the origins of the gods, human beings, civilization on Earth, whatever. Whether his theories are valid is not within my purview, but what is within my purview is that they make for a hell of a good story.

I’m still fleshing out the synopsis, but essentially it’s about a high priestess in Ishtar’s temple in the Sumerian city of Uruk who is forced to leave her beloved home in order to tend a technologically advanced outpost in the northlands where she eventually falls in love with the village’s barbarian chieftain.

The only scene I’m certain of is where he rapes her. Or is it really rape? I’ll let the reader decide.

Stay tuned on this one. It might actually sell.

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