Looks like Dr. Compaq isn’t FUBAR after all.

But I gotta question. If you get a new computer, does like, Comcast or whomever have to come out and hook it up to the ‘net? Guess I’d better call…wonder how long I’ll be on hold this time.

Okay. New title. The Underground. Here’s a summary of the story in one sentence:

A ruthless mage and a sadistic vampire’s ambitions to rule Seattle are threatened after the key to their plan, a rebellious werewolf, meets and then falls for a kick-butt, amnesiac space alien who might be a vicious serial killer.

Not too shabby, I think. A sprawling, damned near 400 page manuscript reduced to 39 words.

Know what? It’s hard as hell to do. And I wrote the freakin’ story!

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