Unity of Opposites

I imagine about half the world has seen that Britain’s Got Talent youtube video of Susan Boyle’s debut performance. If you haven’t, here’s the link:


I love it. A shining illustration of the principle of duality, the defining characteristic of all that is.

The idea of duality, that nothing is as it seems, has fascinated me since I was a kid. Geodes started it. I remember my astonishment at seeing this homely, lumpy gray rock hiding an ethereal, crystal wonderland. The other night I was astonished by a woman with a singing voice so rich and powerful, I can’t think how I ever could have thought her unattractive.

The Alien Within is about duality, in as many of its aspects as I could cram in there. Motive–Garrett manipulates Parker ruthlessly for sake of the noblest of causes. Visual–Parker’s eight-foot wolf cradling Melera against its pelt like a sick child. Behavior–by the book’s end, maybe that sonofabitch Kurt isn’t so bad after all.

For me, the oddest thing about duality is that I know intuitively that it exists, that it is all around me and even a part of me, yet I’m always gobsmacked (love that one) when I see it in action. You’d think I’d know better, right? I’d think so, too. Then again, if I always knew better life probably wouldn’t be so interesting.

Sometime in the next few posts I want to ask you a question about the title The Alien Within.

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