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Went to the bookstore a couple of weeks ago to buy one of those uber-expensive catalogs for writers like me on that vertical climb to publication. While I was there, I picked up two more little books entitled “urban dictionary”, which, I think, pretty much speaks for itself. The books grew out of a website created by Aaron Peckham, at urbandictionary.com. The content is created by submissions of words/phrases and the definitions for same by people worldwide. In turn, the word/phrase/def are voted on by other users. If a word/phrase gets enough votes, it becomes official. So check it an’ get yo’ sef some mad street cred. Holla!

Anyway, you can imagine that there are lots of words/phrases having to do with blogs and bloggers. I, for example, am not a member of the “blogging class”, since my blog has nothing to do with my personal opinions of a sociopolitical nature. Well, not overtly, anyway.

But I’ll admit to sometimes writing a blog entry just for the sake of posting something, not because it’s interesting or anything like that. The purpose of my blogging exercise is, according to legend, to build an audience for my fiction so I can say to a publisher “if you publish my book, they will read it and you will make (or at least not lose) money.”

Posts of this nature are called “blogorrhea.”

I believe this one qualifies. Damn skippy.

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