Winter’s Coming. Gaah.

Gawd, I hate winter. It’s dark, cold, and it makes me wish I was dead. We won’t even talk about snow. I have gait problems as it is, and when snow turns to ice, that’s it for me. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

And it’s November. Fuck.

So The Underground received a very nice 5-star editorial review from Literary Titan (link at the bottom). On Amazon, it has 11 reviews and is holding at 4 stars. That’s pretty much the same as the prior version of the book. Not that I expected it to change much. But it’s funny–since its first incarnation, readers have either loved The Underground or hated it. I can see why some would hate it. The story deals with some pretty dark subjects, as I wrote in my little essay. Some readers can’t deal with the sex. Yes, the story drips with it and some find that to be a problem but others find the sex to be too rough (one reader called it “nasty sex.” Isn’t that cute?). For still others, the two scenes that depict rape and the one where the person being raped had been abused as a child was too much. The four points of view present problems for some readers. From the comments, it confuses them. Maybe they’re not used to reading more than one point of view? Or, maybe it’s while the story proceeds in a linear fashion it develops from different points of view which they might not be able to follow, i.e., it “jumps around?”

Right now I’m trying to finish the edits to The Moreva of Astoreth. It’s going slower than I thought but I think much of it’s because the editing is pretty dense. Entire pages look like they’ve been dipped in yellow ink, the electronic equivalent of blood, I guess. Going through it, I understand now what a number of readers said in their comments–that it’s repetitive, and so on. One reader said it could have been better edited. Yeah, I agree. Part of the problem is that I describe every move the characters make–crossing rooms, traversing tunnels and battlements, rising from chairs, etc. Some sentences are superfluous, and others are downright awkward. The book didn’t get a better editing job because I kind of couldn’t afford it, after paying the one guy $1600 to edit for the Swedish. So it was just me and Grammarly. I’ll cut myself a little slack, though–The Moreva of Astoreth is the second book I wrote after the first version of The Underground. So there was a little maturation I had to go through.

I’m happy to say my therapist pulled through his medical emergency. I don’t know what happened (yet) but it unnerved me. Don’t get me wrong, I care about him very much but if something happened to him and he couldn’t practice anymore, I’d be like…I don’t know, devastated or something. I mean, we’ve got a real long history. I’ve been seeing him since 1993. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to go about finding someone else.

Today was a day…I hate it when this happens. I woke up feeling shitty in the head. Later, it lifted and for about four or five hours I felt pretty good. I was sitting here editing, making good progress, and then I could feel it coming down like a big, heavy stage curtain. Boom–everything goes dark and I’m staring at the screen thinking “who gives a flying fuck?” Am I grateful for those few precious hours? Hell. Yes. I just wish there were more of them.


Here’s the link to the review:

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